The Tesla antenna Radiona


The radiona antenna possesses a new technology.
Radiona guards against harmful electronic and magnetic fields by converting those scalar waves. The resulting torus field imitates the magnetic field of our earth that protects us from harmful radiation from space.

The Radiona antenna has been fitted with an MWO-Antenna. The planar coil collects the energy more efficient than vertical coils. The MWO-Antenna of the golden ratio in the middle are fed by the electric fields that are present between the coils and the air condenser (brass ball).

Among other things, the development team was guided by the science of Nicola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. In particular, the new radiation wave 5G has been included in the construction of the Radiona to arm the strength of the antenna with its protective properties.


Thanks to the fitted MWO antenna, the additional strong harmonizing effect is brought into three-dimensionality and has a positive effect.

Tesla Antenne Radiona

Product Info

  • The Tesla Radiona antenna, which currently provides the greatest protection.
    It can be produced in different sizes, eg.B. 10cm for desks, 20cm for children or 30cm diameter.
    Different colors are possible as well